Election Campaigns

What Is Election Campaigns

Election campaigns are the means by which candidates and political parties prepare and present their ideas and positions on issues to the voters in the period preceding election day. Contestants use a variety of techniques to reach voters and deliver their messages, including through traditional and new media, public events, written materials, or other means. 

Functionawala conducts the election campaigns in any city. We provide all the marketing startegy that will help during the election periods. Most of the power full marketing strategies are marketing . We provide the SMS faclitiy, Social Media Marketing, Digital Banners. We provide all this faclity for elections.


How Politicians Use Media to Win Elections

The best method or strategy for winning successfull elections is the media. Now a day media has a strong hand in publicity and marketing. Most of the contestents use the media for spreading their political awarness in people. The strong factor for politican is media that will hepls to run successfull campaign over all cities and country.


The best strategies For Successful Election Campaign

Functionwala offers the following best strategies that will run your election campaign run successfully .

Political Rallies

A "political rally" is a gathering at which people of similar political beliefs listen to speakers or musicians. Political rallies are often high energy events that are used to raise morale and support.

Functionwala offers political rallies during election periods with best strategies. We provides the motivational punch lines to volunteers that will help during the rallies. We provide political stages shows for election and publicity for interaction with peoples.


News Conferences

A conference at which press and tv reporters ask questions of a politician related to their work and campaign.

Functionwala offers News Conference for the interaction with media to know about their work for country or nation. We offers best conference for the elections that will helps to politician to interacts with nation through the conferences. They will provide the message to the nation related to political works


TV Ads

Tv ads are most powerfull way to reach your message to people. Functiowala offers Tv Ads for election campaigns , we provide advertisment ideas for tv ads that will helps to represents political works.


 Social Media

After Digitization , social media raises hand for marketing . For election campaign social media advertising is the best option. Social your political profile connected with thousand of people . You can connect with them online through your Fan page. Functionwala offers Social media marketing for election campaign. We will run election campaign on social media with and spread your political awarness on social media. We will run your campaign on famous Social media site lik Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc....



Sms is the most commonly use way for election campaign. Functionwala offers SMS for election campaign facility that will helps to your political profile. Each and every person use mobile , smartphone, so we will send the bulk sms on the group of person at one time. Your election campaign information sent through the NON DND message. It will 100% works. 


Digital And Print Media 

Digital & print media is the best technique to run your election campaign successfully. Functionwala provide Digital banners, Flex Banner, Brochers, Printed Bag for marketing purpose. Functionwala also Design flext banners as well as Printing the brochers for election campagin.


Short Flims And Documentry

Short film is the powerfull media for promoting the election campaign. Functionawla provides the short documentry film , Script writing , shooting, music, for the purpose of preperation of short film and documentry. Funtionwala also provide animated films for appealing to the voters.


Leagal Consultancy

Leagal consultancy service provided by functionwala for fileing the election form and complancing the direction given by election commission.


Android Application

During election period most of the political person developing android application for the voters data. Functionwala offers andoid application for Election purpose. We will fillup the data of voters in application and deliver to you. Android application helps to find voters details fastly and efficiently. It will helps the contestent during the election peroid to provide information of voters, voter id.

Election Campaigns Gallery

  • Political conference with people
    Political conference with people
  • Political Rallies
    Political Rallies
  • Social media marketing for election campaign
    Social media marketing for election campaign

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