Product Campaign

What is Product Campaign

There are a series of steps to take into consideration for any product launch campaign—particularly the elements needed to ensure their success. With digital transformation, traditional product launches have been replaced, making room for new formats and experiences.

What We Offers For Product Campaign

Product lauching campaign consists of two factor pre launching of product and post lauching of produt means after launching of product. Functionwala offers both the type of services. Like prelauching of produt and Product lauching. In pre launching of prodcut we will provide a campaign consists of product marketing. Before the lauching of any product first consider the people rather than the product. So for this purpose we make a product marketing. 

Functionwala will provide pre lauching product marketing through the digital media, Social media, Print media. Before the product lauch we will desigh flex banner of product that will attract the people and to know the product information. Functionwala also offers social media marketing for pre launching of product. We will create a fan page of product and post the product information and lauching of produt date and more features about the product.  Functionwala also provide BULK SMS facility to directly send sms thourgh the delivery template sms it will directly send to all mobile. 

What We Offers at Product Launching

  • We helping in selecting the veneu location for product launching
  • Musical night show
  • Best Setting Arrangement
  • VIP Setting Arragement
  • Digital Display screen for best view of product
  • Foods And Drinks
  • Fire Crackers
  • Lightning Effects


Product Campaign Gallery

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